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We did it! We're open!

It has been actually almost 3 weeks that we have been open! It's been so encouraging to meet the Willow Glen community! Everyone is so welcoming and supportive! Even though we are opening in the middle of the pandemic, it's been so heart warming to get everyone's support! I really feel that I'm exactly where I was supposed to be!

Because of our "Covid" experience, I am the only one baking, making coffee, serving. As you may know, my husband got the worst part of Covid, out of the two of us. So, to be extra careful, he's asking for me to hold off on hiring until I get vaccinated, which I totally understand. So the offering at the café is as follows: I rotate my flavors on a daily basis and have available 6 flavors (in a large, small and mini size) each day for you to come purchase alongside our coffee drinks. You are still able to order your favorite flavors ahead of time but I require 36 hours until I can get someone to help me full time.

Our hours of operation at the café are Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. And the address is 569 W. Alma Avenue in San Jose.

Pi Day is falling on a Sunday this year. So I will be EXCEPTIONALLY open on Sunday morning from10am to 2pm. I will close my ordering system to be able to work on all of your orders Friday March 12th at 9pm. I can't wait to see all of you face to face now! I am super grateful for your support! You guys are the best!


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