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Pie Tastings

Our pie tastings are there to help you choose your flavors when planning for a large event. 


They only cost $2.50/pie for up to 16 flavors (one mini pie per flavor) if the tasting happens at our café (569 W. Alma Avenue, San Jose). One tasting can accommodate up to 4 people and will last about one hour. We will make sure to answer all questions that you may have.


The price is $2.90 if done at your own leisure at home or the office. 


Gluten Free / Dairy Free/ Vegan pies available for Tasting upon request. 


Tasting can be Free!!!!

We will deduct the price of the tasting from your final bill ($300 minimum order- one tasting refund for each $300 increments. If you ordered 2 tastings, you will need to order $600 worth of pies to get both tastings refunded).

Please fill out the form below, and after confirmation of the tasting date and time, as well as pie flavors, we will send you an invoice that you'll be able to pay online.

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Book Your Pie Tasting!

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