A lot of our clients have expressed their gratitude through text or emails rather than a Yelp review. Here's a sample.

The pies are perfect, thanks for delivering and making them!

Mini Pies


Lisa G.

Thanks again! I'm sharing a picture of your pies with my friends and now everybody wants some!

Small Pies


Kimi N.

Hi Voahangy!! We had a great time......thank you and your pies were a hit!!!! There were just enough but for the clean up crew, we wanted more I don't have Facebook but will ask my sisters to send to me and will send to you!!!! I will always keep you and request more pies!!!! You are an amazing baker!!!! Amazing!!

Mini Pies


Tania M.

Thank you so much for the pies!! Our tenants loved them!!...

Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future!

Small Pies


Joanna A.
Pacific Hudson Properties

Hi Voahangy, I just had to try one. It is absolutely delicious! I hope my colleagues don't know one is missing Thank you for making these pies. Talk soon!

Small Pies


Monica V.

Thank you so much Voahangy!

He just messaged me and he loved it! :)

Small Vegan Pies


Thank you very much for the delivery. The pies were delicious.

Lani M.
Kevin N.

Hi Voahangy. Oh wow, those are YOUR pies?? We loved them! Russell sent them for Christmas and they were fantastic! Congratulations on your new business! I think you will be very successful. It’s a nice niche and a great quality! 

Small Pies & Mini Pies


Patti H.
Hamaguchi & Associates

Thank you for the delicious pies! All of the guests loved them, and the guest we had that was sensitive to nuts appreciated that you had separated the lemon pies. :)

I will definitely be sure to order again for the next party! Thanks again!

Mini Pies


Kerri C.

I recently tried your mini pies at a work event and they were wonderful! I would like to order 2 dozen for Christmas. 

Mini Pies


Carisa K.