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The Giving Pies

Food is my love language

Hi! My name is Voahangy and to me, eating is more than an action, it's all the memories and feelings associated with it. Born and raised in France, I've been "trained" to love and serve good food. Like any "French", I take pride in my food and will NEVER offer a product that I will not eat myself or serve to my family and friends. That's why I'm sure that once you taste my pies, we'll become instant family!

Food is my love language and I believe that when you put love in food, it always tastes better.



The Giving Pies Story

One day, as I was baking a blueberry pie for my blog, it tasted so good I told myself: "oh, my... I totally could sell this!". I've always loved cooking but I've never been brave enough to convert my passion into a business as I was afraid to not enjoy it anymore as soon as it turned into a job. But this time, it was different.


An Impact

The difference was that I didn't want just to sell pies. I wanted to make a difference in the world. That's when I decided that parts of the profit will go to  a program close to my heart: the E-sports program. I was able to raise money for E-sports and will continue to help them as much as I can. I love also doing fundraiser for local schools.

So if you're ready to have your pie and eat it too and help me pie-it-forward, go to our Menu and order your pies! You'll discover that eating dessert has never felt so good!

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