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We are back!! An update on our Covid journey.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Our Covid journey update

First off, I want to thank you for all the messages and prayers that you sent our way to help us with our recovery. We are so blessed to be part of a community who cares and isn't shy in showing support! We have received so many meals and encouragements to help us fight through our illness. I was able to bounce back fairly quickly but I still haven't fully regained my sense of smell and taste (I'm at about 70%). But I will not complain as some people still have no sense of smell and/or taste after several months! This illness is so unpredictable and scary! My husband who is the healthiest of us two (fit, eats healthy, exercises regularly) is the one who actually struggled through Covid. He developed pneumonia in his left lung and had a fever for 10 days! His oxygen levels dropped and we ended up at the E.R.. Thankfully, it wasn't bad and he didn't have to be admitted. Once the antibiotics kicked in, his fever finally subsided and he will be out of quarantine tomorrow. So through it all, despite having to social distance from our kids for Christmas and close the Giving Pies for 3 weeks, we feel extremely lucky to have made it through!

New Pickup Procedures

To this day, I have absolutely no clue on how I contracted Covid. I thought I was being careful, wearing masks, washing my hands regularly, limiting my whereabouts... But somehow, I must have missed a step. So to be extra careful, until we return to less stringent restrictions, all pickups will be curbside pickups.

If you choose to pick up your pies, once you are parked in our parking lot at your requested time, please text us at 408-475-0563 with your name, car color and make and we will bring your order to you.

You can now place orders for pickups and deliveries starting January 4th, 2021.

Even though this year didn't end as expected, we are looking forward to 2021 and to welcome you back at our Willow Glen location (569 W. Alma Avenue in San Jose). We have our final inspection with the city on January 5th. Hopefully after that, we will start offering our savory pies and our coffee drinks! Until then, my family and I wish you a Safe and Happy New Year!

Cheers to health and happiness!


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