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Today one of my friends ordered a blueberry pie for herself and a dozen of mini pies. She told me before hand that she wanted to give them away to encourage her friends, so I made 4 small packs of 3 pies for her to distribute.

The responses she got from her friends on Instagram really made me realize that these little boxes were the perfect size to brighten someone's day!

So I am creating a new size box for the mini pies to help you spread the love during these tough times. And to get you started on spreading the love, every order $25 or more will get a FREE 3 mini pies Gift Box to give away! This offer will expire on April 30th.

To receive your Free Gift Box, do the following: 1) order for at least $25 of pies 2) add a mini Gift Box 3) enter SPREADTHELOVE at checkout.

So stay safe, stay healthy and start spreading the love! I just have to warn you, though. Making people happy is very addictive!

Click here to make someone happy!

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