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Pie-It-Forward Update and Mother's Day

Pie-It-Forward Campaign

Last week went by so fast! Because of your generosity, we were able to deliver pies to two locations who are treating Covid-19 patients. The first one was the St James Health Clinic and the second one was the Santa Clara Kaiser.

Your donations brought smiles to everyone's faces (under the masks) and brighten everyone's shift.

Here what the person who delivered the pies to Kaiser said: "Hi. Voahangy, I delivered the pies last night to the emergency department,  they have about 50 staff on a night shift. Including doctors,  nurses,  EMTS. They were really grateful."

This week, more are going to Santa Clara Kaiser and some boxes are going to Stanford hospital. Thank you again for helping making their work a little bit sweeter! If you would like to contribute towards future deliveries, please click here.

Mother's Day is this Sunday!

It's been really fun do deliver pies for so many quarantine birthdays and make personalized cards for the recipients! I think they are getting better each time! So as Mother's Day is fast approaching, If you need pies delivered with a special card attached to them, please let us know by Friday May 8th. Please do include your special message in the "special request tab".

For sure this year, will be a Mother's Day to remember!

The Giving Pies Cafe Update

In closing, I'm happy to report that since the county is allowing construction to resume, we will be starting soon. We had a successful meeting today with all parties involved and it seems that we will be starting making progress soon.

We don't know how business will look like in the coming months, but one thing I'm sure of: we will sell pies there soon!

In the meantime, have a great Mother's Day and stay safe and healthy!


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