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OMG, We're Turning 1, Today!!!

You know that feeling, when you look at your baby and you wonder where the time went because your baby is on his way to becoming a toddler... That's how I feel today! I can't believe that it's been already 1 year since we opened the doors of the Giving Pies Café!

And it's thanks of all the support that YOU provided us! I am so grateful for all of you and how you have been rooting for us from the get-go.

Opening during the pandemic was a daring task but you have been stronger than the virus, determined to not let it stop you from getting a great pie! Even during the inevitable growing pains of Thanksgiving, your many encouraging messages of support kept us going and learning. You have made us part of your community and you really feel like family to us!

Managing a small business is not easy. I have so much respect for all small business owners, now! I think, like anything in life, you cannot really imagine how it is before you live it!

One thing that I learned is to surround yourself with great people. Thanks to your continued support, I was finally able to hire 5 awesome employees who truly enjoy serving you! I love reading about how great our customer service is in the many 5-star reviews that we got on Yelp and Google! By the way, thank you so much for the reviews, they help our business more than you know! You can read or write them here.

So what's ahead for the Giving Pies for our second year of operations? Well, you know that part of our mission is to give back to the community and that we really want to hire special needs employees. I hope that you will continue to support us so that we can have our first hire by the end of the next quarter. We will continue to introduce new and innovative ideas (we're going to soon launch the ln-Store Loyalty Rewards Program, the Free Coffee & Pie for your birthday and the Pie-of-the month), new pie flavors (did someone say Cream Pie?) and developing new events for the entire family, always keeping you in mind.

So how about celebrating our milestone with some sweet discounts as a Thank You for all of the love you have shown us this year? So for the rest of the week, all online pre-orders will receive an automatic 25% discount (even Gift Cards!!!) and all in-store purchases will receive a 20% discount.

Again, thank you for a fantastic first year! We're looking forward to many more with you!

Voahangy and the Giving Pies Team

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