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Happy Easter!

I can't believe that Easter is in a few days! I usually have a big lunch for my family and friends on Easter. We always have lamb as our main meat and of course, pies for dessert! This year, it will just be my husband and my daughter. Maybe, we'll add my son through Zoom and do a virtual lunch. If you have ideas on how to make it fun, please shoot me an email at I would love to hear how you will make it special this year! Nevertheless if you need pies for you or for your loved ones, please note that I have extended my delivery hours to Saturday 6pm and I have open up my Sunday for pickups only until 11am.  I am so grateful for the support I have received from you all! I hope our pies brought smiles to you, your family and your friends! It's been such a privilege to have been delivering pies with special notes like birthday wishes or just friendship messages. Thank you so much for that! I wish you a great and a safe holiday! Voahangy

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