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Covid 19 News - Please read

It is with a heavy heart that I have to let you know that despite taking all precautions possible, I have tested positive with Covid 19.

I woke up with a fever on Thursday morning and got tested on Friday. I have been fever free since Saturday. I experienced body aches on Thursday, had a sore throat and hoarse voice until Saturday. My voice is back, my energy is back but I lost my sense of smell and taste. Christmas dinner is going to be a bit blend for me, this year.

So unless you contact me to let me know that you'd rather get a store credit, I will issue a refund to everyone that has a pending order with me.

If you have been in contact with me Monday through Wednesday, please monitor yourself and please contact the people you might have given the pies to. I am so very sorry to put you in that situation. Please know that I do not know how I contracted it. My guess is while shopping for the café.

I wish all of you a safe holiday and look forward to serving you again next year!


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