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Pi Day, New Products and In-Store Loyalty Program

Can you believe February is almost over? Time flies and we are getting closer to another of our busiest days in the pie business: Pi Day!!! Just a reminder for those who may have forgotten, Pi (π) Day is March 14th. This year, Pi Day lands on a Monday. So that day, we will not have our now famous "Happy Mondays" but we will be open from 9-5pm, instead of our usual 9-2pm. And as usual, we recommend that you pre-order your pies by March 7th to give us ample time to prepare them, especially if you will be ordering one of our new offerings! We will have pies in store for those who missed the pre-ordering deadline but with a limited selection of flavors and sizes.

We are so happy that, finally, this year, we are able to introduce new flavors and offerings to our menu. If you follow us on Instagram (which we highly recommend), you must have noticed many more chocolate pies (chocolate orange, chocolate raspberry, chocolate salted caramel), cream pies, a fruit tart, the option of having a crust top instead of our signature crumble and even a cream puff cake (Saint Honoré)! Some of these new offerings are only available in medium and/or large sizes online. The mini sizes are available in store for some of our new products like the fruit tart or the cream pies, mostly on Fridays and Saturdays.

In-Store Loyalty Program

Yes! We are finally ready to launch our in-store loyalty program on March 1st! We are so grateful for your patronage that we would like to reward you for it. You will receive a point for each $1 spent and rewards start at 25 points. And every already loyal customer will get a head start with 25 points credited to them at sign up!

Let's the fun begin and the rewards rolling!

Voahangy and the Giving Pies Team!

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