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Café Update and Thanksgiving Pre-orders

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We are one inspection away from being open! And of course, it's taking longer time than expected as we are waiting on the City of San Jose to greenlight one last project before getting our inspection appointment.

So we do not know if we will be able to be open to the public in time for Thanksgiving! But, we passed our final Health inspection and we are allowed to bake at the café! So starting November 16th, all pickups will happen at 569 W. Alma Avenue in San Jose. There's a chance we might be open, but for now, let's just not count on it.

Thanksgiving being around the corner, I am getting ready to bake a storm! To ease on my transitioning to the café, I will not expand my pie menu for Thanksgiving, but I will certainly work on some special pies for Christmas!

All Thanksgiving deliveries will be made on Tuesday November 24th. Wednesday November 25th will be pick up only. And we will be closed for the rest of the week.

Also, I will need help at the café and am looking to hire reliable team players, able to wear many hats, with a positive attitude and a desire to be part of a great community! I'm looking to hire part time employees, for up to 25 hours/week for shifts between the hours of 5am to 4pm.

If you know anyone who will be interested, please have them email me their resume with their availability/preferred shifts to

I can't wait to be fully open and for you to try our savory pies! In the meantime, take care and celebrate Thanksgiving safely!


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