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 Handmade Pies served daily!


Handmade Pies Baked To Make A Difference!

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Mini Pies!
Perfect to enjoy multiple flavors for dessert!
Key Lime Pie

Now available for purchase! Look for it in the "Specialty Pies and Cakes" section.
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Wedding Pie

The newest trend for weddings is to offer a dessert table with beautiful pies elegantly decorated with fresh flowers! Click here to inquire about it.

Birthdays, showers, weddings, graduations...

 Think outside the box the Giving Pies way!

Order Pies!


The Giving Pies

The Giving Pies started as a Licensed Home Based Business, specialized in fruit pies. But we are now in our new shop located  at 569 W. Alma Avenue in Willow Glen, San Jose. Our pies are French inspired as our chief baker was born and raised in France. The crust will wow you and the filling is not overly sweet because the fruit is the star of the filling. All our pies are baked to make a difference as parts of the proceeds are donated to help kids with special needs play sport through the E-sports program and local schools. Each Giving Pie is crafted with love and quality natural ingredients and designed to give you pleasure in every bite. Most pies come in 3 sizes (1.5-inch, 3.5-inch and 9-inch), with Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Vegan options, and are perfect for all occasions from family gatherings to corporate events. So if you're ready to make a difference, check our Menu and order your pies! You'll soon find out how sweet making a difference can taste!

The Giving Pies Farmers Market booth
Lemon Pie - The Giving Pies
do The Giving Pies 

Have A Store?

Yes, we have transitioned from our home kitchen to our first pie shop: The Giving Pies Café in Willow Glen! We offer sweet and savory pies as well as delicious coffee!

At this time, we have halted our Stanford Farmers Market stand but we're looking forward to resuming it as soon as the current Covid crisis is over.

Eat A Pie. Make A Difference.