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We failed you!

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Today is by far the worst day of my life and of my adventure at the Giving Pies. We totally failed most of you and that makes me more sad than anything! Even though the publicity we gain through our appearance on national television (https://abcnews.go.com/WNT/video/bakeries-country-prep-thanksgiving-81239778) was a blessing, it also happened to be a curse. We were overworked by all the new clients we gain after the broadcast, not being able to keep up with the demand or concentrating on prepping for our 157 orders in the pipeline. I am very sorry about it. I cried all morning long and I am very grateful to all of our wonderful clients extending grace, hugs and words of encouragement. Everyone on our little plaza lent a hand to help us but I still feel like a big disappointment to all of you! If we messed up your order, please email me directly at voahangy@thegivingpies.com and I will make sure to make up for it. Enjoy your loved ones and family this Thanksgiving. Voahangy

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